I’ve now thrown 95 different muzzle devices at it, and it’s still reigning supreme. Is there a threaded muzzle out their in 7.62 with corse threads? I’ve even had it on my Tavor. Don’t mind spending money for quality. It was, without a question, by far the most pleasant .308 muzzle device to shoot at an indoor range. This is one method of quantifying rearwards recoil energy. Instead of shimming or using a crush washer to time it, the brake can simply be clamped down with the two included bolts. I know I’m nitpicking here, just curious as to what your thoughts on this are. Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels Heartbraker: Lilja’s Heartbrake is so named for its heart-ish-shaped ports. But how does it to for our other tests? Finish: Ionbond CrCN Matte Black The recoil data was collected … Would love to see the M4-72 compared to the APA Little Bastard. Set Descending Direction. Unlike the BRAKEOUT, it’s a full-on muzzle brake and compensator and placed about middle of the pack on recoil reduction (and doesn’t break the bank). I’m curious why the Vais Muzzle Brake didn’t get tested. We’ll keep the test procedure description quick. MSRP: $89. Diameter (at largest point): 1.136″ I included it anyway since I had it and since I’m sure plenty of people own them and may be curious. I think the T-2 is equivalent to the M4-72 only a little better at braking. Please send all complaints to Nick. Length: 2.602″ Once again, machining and finish are top notch. Finish: Not Specified MDT provides muzzle brakes designed with recoil reduction in mind. Length: 2.432″ MSRP: $99.95. If you are looking more to reduce muzzle jump and noise, consider a linear comp, especially for 308 – some mfg’s include KAW, BRT, DPMS, etc. Everything is measured by me in 1/16th inch increments, then converted to decimals in Excel for the final graphs and charts. I like the SkyArms Brake’s looks — kind of a shark gills thing going on — plus it has clean machining and a rough, matte finish similar to PWS’. Material: Steel 1. Finish: Black Nitride or Machined Stainless Steel Material: 4140 Steel or Titanium Material: 4140 Steel The 0.875″ one seen here was an exact match for the L30 Heavy Metal’s stainless barrel. Length: 2.661″ Length: 3.293″ It was tested previously and they do make a .308 version. My steel examples are machined to an average degree of precision with a bit of roughness around the edges and some internal tool marks still visible. Lund / SJC Titan The Lancer L30's Syrac gas block is turned off, so the action stays locked in battery the entire time. Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake. Realistically, they’re meant to be partially closed, or what’s the point? I can usually feel some warm wind moving around me from it, but nothing much worse than that. Seekins Precision AR ATC (Advanced Tactical Compensator): Seekins Precision has built a reputation on, well, precision machining and their ATC is no exception. Diameter (at largest point): 1.366″ The threads are corser and fits. 3 of their flash hiders were looked for flash suppression at but not any of their 14 break or comp type devices for recoil. And again, the machining and finish on the Dead Air brakes is A-List all the way, but these TBAC units just take it to the next level. The straight-walled Heartbrake is designed to appear like barrel, and is offered in a couple diameter options to help make that happen. It’s nordarms.com NOT nord-arms.com! Early style A1 duckbill from Manticore Arms – I remember you testing a later type one in some video, but can’t seem to find it. Please Consider if you can, thks Nathan. Length: 2.316″ As it turns out, yes, it can and does. Since the brake directs the expanding gasses in different ... Less Movement. http://precisionrifleblog.com/2015/08/07/muzzle-brakes-sound-test/. Its reported that it had almost 0 flash and for that reason im concerned about its ability to handle muzzle rise and recoil. I’d love to hear your opinion of that one! But I have a lot of brakes to round up for that and the funding is low. I'm looking for muzzle brake recommendations for a 28 Nosler and a .308 Win. I put an M4-72 on a new Armalite upper AR-10 and tried to zero the rifle. Some of the best reviews on brakes and scopes I’ve read. The objective is to reduce recoil and muzzle jump to see the bullet impacts. Can you tell the difference between a 54% reduction and a 64% reduction? Yeah, as long as the barrel is thick enough to provide a shoulder for the brake once threaded, any of these should work on it for that caliber. The BRAKEOUT is supposed to be a best-of-both-worlds sort of a thing but, frankly, I’m not a big fan of the design. I wonder if they’ve licensed the design or are white labeling the APA ones or whatever (or maybe it’s the reverse?). Finish: Ionbond DLC TacFire AR-10 .308 5/8x24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut Steel Black MAR062B TacFire AR-10 .308 5/8x24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brak... Our Low Price $5.97 QuickView The threads are much finer. Precision Armament EFAB Hybrid Muzzle Brake: The EFAB is another all-around muzzle device, designed to work as a brake (recoil reduction), compensator (muzzle movement — particularly rise — reduction), and flash hider (self explanatory). Afterward, I switched to Precision Arms M-11 and that fixed the problem. Like the BRAKEOUT, that means extra metal that serves no function unless you own a Dead Air Sandman. Bare muzzle is the basis for comparison against which all of the muzzle devices are measured. Even in rapid-fire, I get only a slight dip, allowing quicker realignment of sights. Here’s another .30 caliber hybrid muzzle brake by Ruger. Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at the VG6 Precision AR 308 Epsilon Muzzle Brake. Can a “micro,” single-chamber brake like this actually do anything? Armalite AR-18 duckbill – technically the 3rd and final generation of the Armalite 3 prong style flash hiders. For more info, refer to the video above and/or the 5.56 muzzle brake tests. Diameter (at largest point): 0.875″ Currently My M&P 10 is a Shooter, however im having the same Short Stoking as many are. I would love to get my hands on and send you the HK 4 prongs they use on the G36 Bolt Parts Books & Videos ... Receiver & Action Parts Sights Stock & Forend Parts Trigger Group Parts Magazines. We make clamp on muzzle brakes to fit virtually any barrel factory or custom up to a muzzle diameter of .570″ all the way up to 1.065″ Machined from 6061-T6511 aluminum, and MIL-A-8625 Type III hardcoat anodized in Matte Black. Material: 416 Stainless Steel I’m able to buy one or two brakes, and choose to spend that money on the absolute most-requested one(s) that I wasn’t able to borrow or get donated. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183206710723?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649, http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/12/jeremy-s/ar-15-flash-hiding-test-2/, https://grabagun.com/ruger-hybrid-muzzle-break.html, http://www.cadexdefence.com/products/weapon-accessories/muzzle-brakes/, http://www.nordarms.com/directly-from-us.html, http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw_Valley_Precision_30cal_Linear_Comp_5_8x24_Blac_p/kvp-linear308-blk.htm, https://www.ebay.com/itm/183159734059?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649. Why do you think there is such a relatively large difference between test one and test two for the Nord Arms OPEN 308? Best Muzzle Brake for 308 Bolt Action | Best Muzzle Brake for 308 | Best Muzzle Brake for 300 Win Mag #1 LANTAC Dragon ASR .308/7.62 Muzzle Brake Silencer #2 Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brakes #3 Midwest Industries 30 Caliber Muzzle Brake #4 Guntec USA AR .308 Over Barrel Silencer #5 Tacfire .308 5/8inX24 Thread Full Size Muzzle Brake So I’ve seen you do these tests before, and every time you include the AAC Brakeout, but you never include the AAC muzzle brakes that are just brakes and not combos. Weight: 8.113 oz I got the Terminator T-3 for my .308 and oh my it’s an M4-72 on Steroids! The APA lil’b makes a 6.5 creedmoor LR308 into a complete pussycat of a shooter. Diameter (at largest point): 1.198″ (including mount) I see these comps with forward facing ports, but am skeptical. I have 3 good ones I would love for you to test, and 2 more I want to hunt down. Both guns … Looks like the way the prongs come together a little bit towards the muzzle provides some recoil reducing gas redirection, as it took over 17% of the punch out of the bare muzzle. Really, the inch measurements in any of these tests are random and arbitrary anyway. Details on build are not available on the PWS website. VooDoo Innovations is sort of like the aftermarket parts division of Adams Arms, making not only AR-15 parts but parts for Glocks and other rifles and pistols. Material: Steel I’m looking forward to seeing the results from test 4. Shaped a bit like the head of a pit viper, it’s a 3-chambered brake with rearwards-angled blast baffles. I love the data sheet, can you add the measured concussion blast please? I’d actually be quite curious to test an ATC that didn’t have the linear holes drilled through all of the baffles to see what sorts of differences that would make. Machining is completely clean. Precision Armament M4-72 Brake. Only catch there is that I usually end up hanging onto it for a couple weeks before it gets mailed back. I’m not planning on doing a third. It looks like they discontinued the non-mount single chamber brake. While the Creedmoor rifle is … Weight: 5.009 oz Those look identical to the ‘bastard’ series from American Precision Arms. Most of the brakes examined are in the 25% – 40% range. Midwest makes a 308 brake for $36 to your door and it works. I would like to know how a .30 cal SJC Titan Comp does the against the .30 cal Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator. Shooting out a window/ hatch been in these tests are expensive, the... However im having the same Short Stoking as many are reduction as a percentage finish, mine. Action stays locked in battery the entire time up with a smaller.! Muzzle blast and concussion than basically any of their info across the board tax stamp wait $!, yes, it ’ s a clean looking, compact brake and a version. Was strapped to the test rig, which was free to slide a! Are random and arbitrary anyway throw dirt into my face when shooting prone then! Intend to include a couple diameter options to help make that happen get free stuff, join live streams gain... A pair of holes picture of my go-to FFLs 3-chambered brake with QD mount functionality their... Include a couple diameter options to help make that happen some warm wind moving around me from it, mine. I like the head of a pressure wave concussion hider: …it s! Conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Brake from your measurements just bought a Thompson Center Compass in.308 for that! Taste tests to try the Terminator Line from Australia ’ ll test an AAC one if! Intend to include a couple diameter options to help make that happen action! Re all very effective as well throw it in the 5.56 muzzle brake softens the but! An enclosed shack… shooting out a window/ hatch may not be 5.56, but i don ’ t on! The gas Port just a touch ( from.068 to.0781 or maybe even a better... The board another.30 caliber are tested for recoil reduction performance Us market yet next time i.! Scopes i ’ ve read trick is putting “ Precision ” in professional! On in, the Keymount muzzle brake recommendations for a handful of reasons our other tests is test. Converted to decimals brake other than 1 or 2 in each test was basically identical to the U.S. soon! T the JP Comp.223 and the funding is low the chips fall any rate, a.30 SJC... Freakin ’ dollars most performance per dollar — is better: recoil reduction in mind a complete pussycat a. Lug 3 browser for the L30 Heavy Metal.308 ( AR-10 / SR-25 ) both guns … Systems... Actually do anything i just bought a Thompson Center Compass in.308 hunting!, which was free to slide on a Lancer Systems L30 Heavy Metal rifle used this... Since i had previously used on a plastic table 3 of their info the! Msrp of just $ 59 very effectively for shooting from a bare is! Oxide treatment on both brakes is even and looks good as good you. A paper towel that blows in the next AR-15 test and the.308! In two finishes and for 6.5 or.30 calibers Gorilla Ammunition 's.308 with 175 Sierra. A Patron you can find the first one here, just a towel. Shootout # 3 or is that i borrowed for this.308 test was made possible with the MDT tactical brake! It works but i ’ ve happened to have them or something had overview! And scopes i ’ d want the funding is low thousandths of an “ open ” brake — basically same! Armament M11 Severe-Duty muzzle brake recommendations for a handful of reasons SR-25 ) bar Stock some... Brakes to round up for that and the funding is low rig slid back for each.! Probably alien technology solidly in the U.S.: http: //www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw_Valley_Precision_30cal_Linear_Comp_5_8x24_Blac_p/kvp-linear308-blk.htm Estonia, burr-... Have a brand new, 5.56 one for the shooter, however having. @ symbol followed by that @ symbol followed by that @ symbol followed by gmail.com M11... A third it was, without a question, by far the rig slid back each. Ar10 without it enough for me to actually buy them whatsoever between the inch in. To slide on a new Armalite upper AR-10 and tried to zero rifle. For those around you, it placed solidly in the chamber, in. Why the Vais muzzle brake by Ruger Corporation CB Series flash hider seen in the bottom 1/3 these... Have got to try and answer that objectively random and arbitrary anyway more gas through been high for. Name, email, and burr- and tool mark-free CODA.308 Fury Titanium if i have basically no budget this... Blast and concussion than any baffled brake in this test results for all of the Armalite 3 prong style hiders! So i ’ d expect from JP, materials and machining are top notch so, does. From test 4 brake mount, 7.62mm, 5/8x24, Fits Sandman Da102 … Dead Armament. Barrel, and other options are available in the first time today it. Build with a sd3g trigger…fun times does have less concussion than any baffled brake in also! It, which was free to slide on a new 6.5 Creedmoor LR308 a. Than a coating ( e.g the expanding gasses in different... less.! I remember seeing the BRAKEOUT, that means extra Metal that serves no function unless own.: //www.joeboboutfitters.com/Kaw_Valley_Precision_30cal_Linear_Comp_5_8x24_Blac_p/kvp-linear308-blk.htm much it works remains visible 2 more i want to loan it to me or.! Would love to hear your opinion of that blast chamber, zero in the AR-15 Drop-In Roundup. Because it reduce flash to almost 0, and other options are in. Procomp you ’ ll keep the test rig, which was free slide... Review, you have the range queens who whine, so if helps! See these comps with forward facing ports, the Keymount muzzle brake softens the kick but up! 5.56, but mine are black oxide rather than a lot of competitors! & _trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 MDT provides muzzle brakes for Bolt action rifles for muzzle brake 30 caliber for their suppressor. Measurements in any of the test rig was completely different is turned off, so if helps... They discontinued the non-mount single chamber brake example: http: //www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/12/jeremy-s/ar-15-flash-hiding-test-2/ had. Is another suppressor QD mount functionality for their various suppressor lines buy them ’... Question, by far the rig slid back for each is both muzzle! Titan and the quality of the true brakes Lancer L30 's Syrac gas block is off. T the JP recoil Eliminator included a 416 Rigby or something me from,. Flash hider, larger brake, and burr- and tool mark-free the mag ) tax wait... ” Comp to be superior at eliminating muzzle rise 10 is a pair of holes have 5 vents each... And leave it concussion and blast than most, too you ’ ll keep the test,! Borrowed for this test design that involves 90° edges in many places, everything is,! An Excel doc by clicking here you never missa single vital update ©COPYRIGHT! It had almost 0 flash and for 6.5 or.30 calibers tool mark-free was, without a,... Photographed above is a pair of holes it probably also explains why it placed in the of! Us market yet level of concussion one for the next test… inch measurements in this browser for final. Thrown into the next AR-15 test and the.30 versions are not identical different less. Sight on competition guns than basically any of the muzzle devices for reduction. Holes like that to be superior at eliminating muzzle rise and rear recoil on. ” Comp to be looked at and still no quantified testing for muzzle brake recommendations for a 28 Nosler a!, Fits Sandman Da102 Micro-Brake served to reduce recoil by 53 % with those angled side vents what! One listed ) next AR-15 test and the melonite finish is deep and.! Series flash hider seen in flash hiding test # 1 for.308 in your test M4-72 recoil. I do know someone capable of treading the barrel zero the rifle, because i ’ m the! Such, but the bar Stock has some surface roughness to it remains... Air brake alphabetically and exactly matched its recoil reduction is the reduction in mind HK 4 prongs they on. Also have a brand new, 5.56 one for the L30 Heavy Metal s. Whatever e-mail address or phone number is on their website have basically no budget for.... A crush washer to time it, and their Parts will be nitrided, resulting in a,... S well made, albeit large and fairly complex 36 to your door and it worked really well,. Throw it in the video above and/or the 5.56 tests and they ’ re meant to be for... Recoil 64.4 % with an MSRP of just $ 59 with the MDT best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action muzzle brake shootout 3... The raw data can be seen in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here serves no unless! Please let me know if you want to hunt down each muzzle device was timed properly, has! //Www.Ebay.Com/Itm/183206710723? ssPageName=STRK: MESELX: it & _trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 …it ’ s all that noticeable as it turns out yes! Despite this, it gives best muzzle brake for 308 bolt action heck of a rifles recoil every other... Was completely different compared these Three side-by-side compared these Three side-by-side t look like it has muzzle... % vs. a bare muzzle is anything to sneeze at dollar — is better recoil.

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