They laughed and told me to let her live out her twilight years in peace. I slowly rose and looked out, expecting to see the silhouette of that tiny, skeletal being. I went straight to my bedroom, and I looked across the street. I didn’t talk about it with anyone since I was a kid – life carried on. From there, they went to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and then back home to New York. Somehow, someway, the woman managed to escape the home and caught a bus back to our town. But as she embraced me under the hot water, one question wouldn’t leave my head: How come the young woman in that wedding photo looks exactly like my wife? Her window was finally empty. That she was actually dead. The hot steam was escaping the bathroom somehow, which didn’t make sense because I had shut the door. ^ Might be MattShizzle, I’ve watched this site for a while now since 2014 – it was having troubles then too, to be fair, its an end of an Era, I wouldn’t say creepypastas have a grip on the internet as it did before, we all sort of grew up, ya know?, just a shame it ended in a sizzle, I guess most do. My mom told me they couldn’t face the neighbors for what happened. ~Jeff The Killer~ Jeff being a clingy person who craves contact is usually hugging you and doesn't mind when you make him sit and wash his hair even if he complains that he feels like a baby. But her eyes were on mine, and they stayed on me. Did you look up? The Showers was a creepypasta that I read several years ago, but it remains one of my favorites. That bedroom light was still on. The “For Sale” sign was up in days. Help us out by reviewing new submissions. High quality Creepypasta gifts and merchandise. Hair where I didn’t know people could grow hair. It’s a great moment of levity, only to be broken as the hapless girl goes back to her shower, for the whole scene to play out again, this time with the real Jason. I felt the urge to re-examine the incident, it was almost like a voice in my head was telling me to do it. Why she was obsessed with watching me. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Submit your own or an existing creepypasta. It was you. But her eyes never left me. The Dionaea House – The Dionaea House is another early creepypasta, dating back to 2004, written by Eric Heisserer, who has actually found some success in … The policemen were all really nice to me, admiring me for my bravery. The music builds and the scene fakes out, as Debbie’s boyfriend throws the shower curtain back. My parents heard the news that afternoon from other neighbors: the old woman’s condition was getting worse, and the Hudsons had taken her to some sort of a home. All these years later I can still draw you a vivid picture of the horrifying image in front of me. Slenderman You were taking a shower at your house while Slenderman read a book. I know where the nightmare came from – I never have to dig deep. How had she managed to travel hundreds of miles on her own? I watched from my bedroom window as the man ran out of the house and opened up the double-doors of his van. I didn’t even jump when the curtain rungs dragged across the shower rod and my wife entered. Have you ever been taking a shower while alone in the house and felt like something was moving around behind the curtain? My head wanted closure. Her head was upright now, and she stared at me. Did you look up? Three people, one of them a really old woman. "I will not bow, I will not break, I will shut the world away. “August,” she mumbled. Her head was flung to the side, resting on her right shoulder. Her eyes were on me, I just knew it. It’s your own private, misty kingdom. I didn’t shower for 21 years. At the time I couldn’t figure out if she was alive or dead. I took baths, which I suppose aren’t that different – it’s still a tub, and it involves hot, soapy water. A week later there was some commotion at the Hudsons. fightforcreepypasta, quotes, creepy. When you hear the name Jigsaw, you think of a puppet with a creepy v... oice who sets up elaborate deaths for his victims in a game only he enjoys. The Showers is a story about an odd mill somewhere in Kansas of Nebraska (Later on in the story it is revealed that it is Hastings, Nebraska). Her tongue slightly hung from the right-side of her mouth. I began sleeping on the floor. Ben Drowned [edit | edit source] That she was just a doll. There was no one there, no wheelchair. ... intercut with tracking shots from an unknown location, creepy dolls and other bizarre visuals. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. She was directly facing my bedroom, and I cautiously peered out from behind my curtains. In my panic I somehow remembered I was nude, and I yanked a pair of shorts out of the hamper in the laundry room, sending the hamper crashing to the floor. “Remind me to move in with your sister when I’m in a wheelchair!”. I told them what she said to me – “August” – and asked if they knew what she could have meant. Can you defeat the Boss Horror? The first thing you should know about The Showers is that it is long, like you may spend a couple hours reading it long. By Location. Things always feel better when they make more sense. Newest. “August, August, August.”. Smile. Most Popular Categories. I unpacked my shower gear, undressed, and got in. She had died four years ago. What a disappointment if this is the last story ever here. It’s told by an old student retelling a story his teacher told him on Halloween in high school. For days she sat at the window. Maybe she used to write letters to her husband, and that’s why she was clutching the letter opener that night. Creepypasta, Creepypasta Wiki Revival, Themaster401, and 3 more. Change ). But the bedroom light was on. It was a veritable feast laid out in front of us. See more ideas about fnaf, creepy, five nights at freddy's. I took baths, which I suppose aren’t that different – it’s still a tub, and it involves hot, soapy water. The Hudsons didn’t come back the next day. “Are you just going to stick me in a windowless room when I’m an old lady?” my mom laughed. I high-tailed it on foot down the street, eventually winding up at my friend’s house. That night I looked out towards the old woman’s window. I didn’t shower for 21 years. ( Log Out /  Read Longest Shower from the story In Honor of Creepypasta by All_4_Fun (Sola Vitae) with 1,916 reads. News & Updates; 14/Apr Regarding Pending Submissions 28/Oct New Website! The man picked her up and placed her in the car. 10 Questions - Developed by: Rachel - Updated on: 2020-01-03 - Developed on: 2014-05-20 - 389,911 taken - User Rating: 4.4 of 5 - 85 votes - … I studied her face. I have nightmares where I’m trapped in a shower. Drive Me Insane. Creepypasta Parody of How People Shower! At the click of a button you can turn on lamps, fire up a laser light show on the disco ball or write a message on the marquee sign that will be read out in a voice synth.

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