Mighty Mighty The Mighty Boosh British Humor British Comedy Old Gregg Julian Barratt Noel Fielding Little Britain Through Time And Space. The Hitcher: [in Victorian-Electro song] The past and future, combining to make something not quite as good as either. The Best quotes are placed on this teepublic teeshirt by cooldojo.com artist Charlie Fithian. Saboo: Yeah, why don't you just give me a .44 so I can spray my brains on the decks? Lead Shaman: But it is a dangerous mission. Montgomery Flange: Ah, the Chokes! C'mon. Howard Moon: Don't kill me, I've got so much to give! Usually just old weather-beaten types like yourself. The Audience goes wild]. Can't get it in shops. Another clip from The Mighty Boosh Live DVD, the climactic ending with the ever popular Old Gregg! It burns! I did a song! Saboo: Live your life? It began on television as a show about two slightly hapless zookeepers under the supervision of Bob Fossil. It began on television as a show about two slightly hapless zookeepers under the supervision of Bob Fossil. Parka Creature: Look deep into the parka. Do you love me? Vince Noir: This is the glam rock ski suit! Howard Moon: Well, who cuts people's hair in the middle of the night? Vince Noir Noel Fielding The Mighty Boosh . He is his own man! Me and Jack aquaintances. Tommy Nooka: [to Howard Moon] Stop! Howard Moon: Look, don't worry about wolves, ok? Save image. What is Yorkshire? Remember the pencil! A spicy, carrot and coriander... Howard Moon, Vince Noir: Crouton! your own Pins on Pinterest Twiddles fingers uneasily, then sits down beside Polar Bear and gingerly puts arm around him]. The Winchester Brothers go out on one of there typical hunting trips, or what they think it would be. Spider Dijon: [referring to Betamax's wife] She was one hot piece of tape. Johnny Two Hats: I'm Johnny Two Hats, why do you think they call me that? Many have failed. Tony Harrison: I come fully equipped with a papoose! But I'm gonna protect you boy. The Inuits didn't mind. Tags: bbc-tv, vince, noel, bbc, quotes Our old brains encased in tight youthful faces Mug. Howard Moon: Thats a pretty big mood swing. Vince Noir: Yeah. I lean you up against the pillow, and I go at you. What have you been doing? Join in with me, boy. Save image . Old Greg! Love Games... by Remi Martyn. I'll make you a cup of tea. Naboo: Don't worry about me, I'm a Shaman. Howard Moon: The mixture. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Old Gregg Quote Quote Number 607680 Picture Quotes. It then took place in a flat in Camden Town in series 2 and in a store, "Nabootique," in series 3. Bollo: No, I chopped his feet off. My father warn us. Get involved. The Spirit of Jazz: Yorkshire? It doesn't work. From shop PrintsofPosters. Howard Moon: Playing the final moves of it's game. Howard Moon: I've had a breakthrough. I know how to deal with them. Old gregg. Some say he's half man, half fish. It's letting in all sorts of mambo jimbo. Anyway, I got a question for ya. Others call me Trenu, the boiler... Rudy: Some call me Marjorie Keek. Kodiak Jack: Know what I think about? Bob Fossil: Ride around in a lorry and beat up midgets? Howard Moon: Yeah, actually. Howard Moon: Yeah, well that's an infringement of people's liberties. I'm old gregg. Howard Moon: That's because they're really crap at sewing. Soup, soup a spicey. Hilarious!!! Do you love me? If a wolf approaches, you simply punch it on the nose. I'm a Cockney bitch. NOOO! I was... naked, it was dark, I was changing a string, I became entangled! Miso! Vince Noir: I think that's got the wrong ring to it. Miso, miso Oriental prince in the land of SOUP! I once looked at a hedge. Vince Noir: It's going alright... having a bit of trouble with the keyboard player though. You're in this band as well! Turn around. Bingo Announcer: Sixty-two, avian flu: Number sixty-two. I'm shitfaced! https://www.quotes.net/movies/the_mighty_boosh_quotes_107535. Favorites. it? Rudy Van Disarzio: [to his guitar] It's all right, Miranda. I am a summer soup. Saboo: Very well, I will go with Kirk. The cerebral musicality of Jazz mixed with the visceral groove of funk. Flying Saucers. I am Gespatio. Here's a song: Turn around. Thug #1: Yo, lemme up, homes, I know your sista. 29 of the most outlandishly funny Mighty Boosh quotes It’s 20 years since surreal musical comedy act The Mighty Boosh first formed – and 15 since its creators Julian […] By Mark Butler. Tony Harrison: This is an outrage! You ain't got one! Of course, it is all MP3 now. Here is Old Gregg Quotes for you. Rudy: My name is Rudy. The brothers encounter an underwater beast they haven't dealt with before that goes by the name of Old Gregg. Others call me Mickey Nine, the dream weaver. Save image. Favorite Quotes. Discover and share Mighty Boosh Old Gregg Quotes. Spider Dijon: You keep trying to mold me into something I'm not! It's got a ring to it, hasn't it? Vince passes it back to the Bear]. Mangina! It is a sound. Spider Dijon: We should have just split like The Who. Howard Moon: How dare you do that to me in the night, when I'm oblivious. You and your wife must go without me. See more ideas about Old gregg, Greggs, The mighty boosh. Favorite Quotes. Lead Shaman: You shall go... with Tony Harrison there. Tony Harrison: Come on! Desolation of the soul. Vince Noir: Who d'you think cuts your hair, Einstein? Kirk is a violent and sexually deranged being from the fourth dimension. Dixon Bainbridge: I don't know, a Kit Kat. He dangerous. Howard Moon: [sighs] I've been up for four days trying to find our new musical direction, yeah? Sep 3, 2019 - Explore 5nakedvikings's board "THE MIGHTY BOOSH", followed by 963 people on Pinterest. Tony Harrison: How dare you! You can't even reach the pedals, you cleft. Quick, run! Howard Moon: No. Discover and share Mighty Boosh Old Gregg Quotes. Dennis: Well, I'm more than happy to let someone else drive. Remember the pencil! I'm the moon. Vince Noir: Yeah well that's nothing [pulls trousers down] Nicky Clarke, hottest you can get, fell asleep on them when I was pissed. Vince Noir: I am the Chosen One. The Mighty Boosh , Series 2 The Mighty Boosh (2004-) is a surreal cult comedy which started as a stage show and then as a radio programme. Howard Moon: Vince, this is difficult for me, but I feel as though I should say this. Watch the room crumble at the aura of the H-Man! boot greeting cards. Carrot and coriander. You know? Vince Noir: Ohh, the double! The Winchester Brothers go out on one of there typical hunting trips, or what they think it would be. In the summer of 1976 on the way home from an Alice Cooper concert, Charlie started to melt on the pavement. He's a renowned ram-raider. The brothers encounter an underwater beast they haven't dealt with before that goes by the name of Old Gregg. Legendary fish. Howard Moon: You blew half the budget on your hair, remember? Old Gregg Quote Quote Number 607679 Picture Quotes. PrintsofPosters. The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy troupe featuring comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

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