991st FA Bn (155 Gun) 2 Jan 45-11 Jan 45 2d & 3d Bns 330th Inf (83d Div) 7 Jan 45-19 Jan 45 Advancing at a little better than half a mile a day against stiff resistance, the 3rd captured ten towns in January 1945, took 2,149 prisoners and destroyed 61 armored dutyhead, General Boudinot and 3rd AD Officers question locals after liberation of concentration camp, Major General Maurice Rose, Killed in Action, March 1945. Blues, in which he portrays a 3rd Armored Division tank crewman with little field duty but with a singing career. 703d TD Bn (SP) 2 Jan 45- 9 May 45 335th Inf (84th Div) 18 Jan 45-21 Jan 45 and other support units stationed across the street at Edwards Kaserne in Frankfurt, West Germany. There are 100 soldiers of the 3rd Armored Division World War II still listed as missing in action. At the peak of 1980s East/West tensions, as many as nineteen Soviet and East German divisions faced off against Spearhead soldiers. Deployment of advance elements of 3AD began in December, with the remaining deploying units arriving by January. Over time, many were closed, fell into disrepair and were eventually demolished. Read more and Support Us. 298th Engr C Bn 27 Dec 44-30 Dec 44 In 1991, Division Historian Dan Peterson, comparing the performance of the division in World War II and Desert Storm stated "History does always repeat itself. Soldiers Medal: 32 Beyond Cologne the division swept up Paderborn in its advance, to shut the back door to the Ruhr Pocket. 1st Bn 26th Inf (1st Div) 6 Sep 44-23 Sep 44 One hundred hours after the ground campaign started, President Bush declared a ceasefire. 1 Plat Co B 15th Engr C Bn (9th Div) 25 Oct 44-10 Nov 44 One way we promote public education of military history is through our exhibits. In its moving arsenal were 360 Abrams main battle tanks, 340 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, 128 self-propelled 155 mm howitzers, 27 Apache attack helicopters, 9 multiple-launch rocket systems, and more. Also in June 1962 the nuclear warheads for the Davy Crocketts arrived in USAREUR (3rd AD combat maneuver battalions were issued Davy Crocketts). Entered Combat: 31 Mar 1945 Col Leander L Doan, 15 Sep 1943 Brig Gen John J Bohn 2d Bn 414th Inf (104th Div) 12 Apr 445-22 Apr 45 is a World War II tank division which saw combat from June 1944 to September 1945. With the end of the Cold War, several of the division's overseas Kasernes were transferred to other units, particularly the 1st Armored Division. The wide range of items donated by veterans of all units within the division has made the Association archives a comprehensive historical record of one of the finest U.S. army divisions in … Btry A 991st FA Bn (155 Gun) 17 Jan 45-19 Jan 45 991st FA Bn (155 Gun) 25 Feb 45-9 Mar 45 The 3AD was activated in April 1941 and began its training at Camp Polk, Lousiana. 58th Armd FA Bn 18 Aug 44-1 Oct 44 67th Armored Field Artillery Battalion The 3rd AD arrived in the European Theatre on 15 September 1943, conducting pre-invasion training in the Liverpool and Bristol areas. On 17 January 1992 in Germany, the division ceased operations; in October 1992 it was formally deactivated as part of a general drawing down of forces at the end of the Cold War. Until this happened, they could not get across the hedgerows. 2d Plat Co B 635th TD Bn (T) 15 Jan 45-20 Jan 45. Nicknamed the Third Herd, the division was first activated in 1941, and was active in the European Theater of World War II. The 33rd was an original “Spearhead” unit. It was the largest coalition division in the Gulf War and the largest U.S. armored division in history. Suffering for weeks in "hedgerow hell" and the heavy fighting for Saint-Lô, the "Spearhead" finally broke into rolling country with Operation Cobra. DFC: 3, Headquarters Company 'The Iron Division' is made up of 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade (Tidworth), 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade (Bulford Camp), 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade (Paderborn, Germany) and 101st Logistic Brigade (Aldershot). As with most American divisions in World War II, the 3rd Armored suffered heavy casualties, and by the end of the war replacement troops often outnumbered veterans in the line units. After training at Camp Polk and in the Mojave Desert the division … Superior training, initiative and equipment had enabled the soldiers of the division to spearhead their way through the Iraqi Army, including opponents with Soviet-provided training and equipment. 75th Div Arty 24 Dec 44-7 Jan 45 By late January 1945, the German offensive had been checked, and the division began pushing its way into Germany. Activated 15 Apr 41 3rd Armored is an Allied Armored division in Steel Division. There is a small memorial at Mere in Wiltshire. From Fighting Divisions, Kahn & McLemore, Infantry Journal Press, 1945-1946. During this time, it was under the command of VII Corps and XVIII Airborne Corps for some time, and assigned to the First Army and the 12th Army Group for the duration of its career. Company Headquarters:27 Officers, 194 other ranks 1.2. 6,2 mil Me gusta. And then the Spearhead set forth on the first invasion of Germany since the days of Napoleon: September 10: It fired the first American artillery shell to land on German soil. 9th Infantry Division. 13 talking about this. 36th Armored Inf Regiment Although Fort Polk was still under construction, it was designated as the training base for the 3rd Armored Division. Mihalko family in Germany. It was activated at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, on April 15, 1941, by a cadre of 92 officers and 524 enlisted men from the 68th Armored Regiment (Light) of the 2nd Armored Division. In June 1941, it moved to Camp Polk Louisiana (now Fort Polk). World War II reenacting organization, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment – SE USA, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment during WWII, 'A' Battery 40th Field Artillery, MLRS – A/40th "Deep Strike" – 3rd Armored Division Artillery 1987–1992, Voice of Iron: The 143rd Signal Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, "Spearhead's Finest" – 503rd Military Police Company Alumni, Division Public Information Office 1965–68, including Drake Kaserne in Frankfurt/M, 1/33 Armor Site by Bob Decker, assigned to 3rd AD at Gelnhausen in mid-1960s, 486th AAA Bn – World War II – "Anti-Anything Bn", 991st Field Artillery Bn – World War II – 155 mm guns, A selection of photos from Marvin Mischnick, 3AD Headquarters photographer in World War II, A collection of hi-res personal photos from World War II by Sergeant Walter Schreck of the 36th Combat Infantry Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, Third Armored Division site built by Sgt. The division was stationed in West Germany for much of the Cold War, and participated in the Persian Gulf War. He was assigned to the 2d Armored Rifle Battalion, 48th Infantry, Combat Command B, Coleman Kaserne, Gelnhausen, between 1958 & 1960. 413th AAA Gun Bn (Mbl) 7 Jul 44-16 Jul 44, Co A 738th Tk Bn (Mine Explorer) 6 Dec 44-15 Jan 45 Two of the five armies in the GSFG were positioned to advance through the Fulda Gap. On 17 January 1992, the 3rd Armored Division officially ceased operations in Germany, with a ceremony in Frankfurt at Division Headquarters, Drake Kaserne. 991st FA Bn (-2 btrys) (155 Gun) 21 Dec 44-31 Dec 44 The 3rd Armored Division, then commanded by Major General Paul Funk, was one of four U.S. heavy divisions deployed with VII Corps. Over time, many were closed, fell into disrepair and were eventually demolished. In the 100-hour Gulf War, 3rd AD destroyed hundreds of Iraqi tanks and vehicles, and captured more than 2,400 Iraqi prisoners. The division was also assigned the dedicated 533rd Military Intelligence/CEWI (Combat Electronic Warfare and Intelligence) Battalion by 1980, replacing the 503rd MI Company that previously supported the division intelligence staff. In the course of its drive, various elements of the division engaged the enemy, taking prisoners, skirmishing, sometimes bypassing enemy strongholds to gain ground, other time engaging in full scale battle. Following Desert Storm, a number of the division's units were transferred to the First Armored Division. The NCO Academy contained 2 companies: Co.'A' was assigned to the medieval castle at Usingen-Kransburg, while Co. 'B' was located in Butzbach. 3AD.com – The 3rd Armored Division History Foundation – Covering 1941 to 1992 with high-quality photos, feature articles, documents, audio, and more. Among the first U.S. Army units deployed to Camp Doha after Desert Storm were the 3rd Armored Division, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and the 8th Infantry Division. Supply Battalion The 3rd Armored Division NCO Academy was at Ayers Kaserne at Kirch-Gons. Combat Command A By the fourth day, the division reached its objective, and pursued its now retreating enemy. The division was stationed in West Germany for much of the Cold War, and participated in the Persian Gulf War. The 3rd Armored Division is a realism unit dedicated to providing engaging scenarios and a friendly community. The "Spearhead" division advanced rapidly eastward, reaching the German border by mid-September. 33d Armored Regiment 3rd Armored Division Division. A few, however, were somewhat remotely located, particularly Ayers Kaserne ("The Rock")(50° 28' 32.44" N 8° 38' 29.24" E), where the 1st Brigade was stationed, outside Kirch-Goens. The 3d Armored Division took Cologne and Paderbom, helped the 2d Armored shut tight the back door to the Ruhr, crossed the Saale, and, with other American units converging on Berlin, raced to the Elbe near Dessau, where it saw its last action. The division was reactivated on 15 July 1947 at Fort Knox, Kentucky to act as training formation. Headquarter staff is garrisoned in Marseille. It was at Mons that the division cut off 40,000 Wehrmacht troops and captured 8,000 prisoners. 1.1.1… 188th FA Bn (155 How) 23 Dec 44-31 Dec 44 15 Jul 1944 Col Truman Everett Boudinot Some 3rd Armored Units were also transferred to the 1st Armored, notably the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, later to become semi-famous as the unit portrayed in Gunner Palace. With these events, the Cold War came to a peaceful conclusion, freeing U.S. Army units in Europe for other deployments. Quantity: US Army 14th Armored Cavalry Unit Crest C0796Y. The next evening the 3d Armored began to jump the river, and, once over, it began a mad dash across France that brought it clear up to the Siegfried Line in just 18 days. First Element 29 Jun 44 3rd US Armored Division "Spearhead" home. While the Iraqi Army concentrated much of its defenses in and around Kuwait itself, the 3rd AD and VII Corps launched a massive armored attack into Iraq, just to the west of Kuwait, taking the Iraqis completely by surprise. 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry is now part of 1st Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. Rhineland Later, higher-numbered U.S. armored divisions of World War II were smaller, with a higher ratio of armored infantry to tanks, based on lessons of the fighting in North Africa. 143d Armored Sig Co, 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion 3rd Armored Division - Spearhead. 60th Inf (9th Div) 22 Apr 45-24 Apr 45, 803d TD Bn (SP) 25 Jun 44-2 Jul 44 The engineers and maintenance crews took the large I-Beam Invasion barriers from the beaches at Normandy and used the beams to weld large crossing rams on the front of the Sherman tanks. The most famous soldier in the 3rd Armored Division during the 1950s was Elvis Presley, assigned to Company A, 1st Medium Tank Battalion, 32nd Armor Regiment, Combat Command C at Ray Barracks in Friedberg. The division and its equipment were shifted from Germany to Saudi Arabia, with in some cases, Army National Guard and Army Reserve elements taking over some of their duties in Germany, while in others, kasernes were left virtually empty. Finally, after months of training the division moved to the Line of Departure, alongside the 1st Armored Division on its left flank and the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment on its right flank. It started out with his first command assignment, as an Infantry Platoon Leader. Welcome If you are en-route, on orders, or expect to be assigned to the Fort Bliss area, please visit the Fort Bliss Newcomer Information Webpage for information about the area. 24 Sep 1944 Col Robert L Howze Jr, 486th AAA AW Bn (SP) 25 Jun 44-9 May 45 In March 1945, the 3rd Armored Divis… 730th FA Bn (155 How) (75th Div) 24 Dec 44-29 Dec 44 With the end of the Cold War, several of the division's overseas Kasernes were transferred to other units, particularly the 1st Armored Division. 47th CT (9th Div) 25 Oct 44-10 Nov 44 4th Infantry Division. Days in Combat 231, Normandy By nightfall of the second day, 3AD had driven 53 miles into Iraq, with dozens of enemy vehicles destroyed, hundreds of POWs captured, and was on the verge of achieving its first objective – an accomplishment that war planners had not anticipated. Brown (July 1959 – October 1960), MG John Ramsey Pugh (May 1962 – February 1964), MG Donald H. Cowles (April 1968 – August 1969), MG Morgan G. Roseborough (August 1969 – May 1971), MG William R. Kraft, Jr. (May 1971 – March 1973), MG Jonathan R. Burton (March 1973 – June 1975), MG Charles J. Simmons (June 1975 – November 1977), MG Walter F. Ulmer, Jr. (September 1979 – February 1982), MG Thurman E. Anderson (February 1982 – March 1984), MG Richard G. Graves (March 1984 – June 1986), MG Thomas N. Griffin, Jr. (June 1986 – March 1988). Silver Star: 885 Btry A 13th FA Obsn Bn 17 Apr 45-23 Apr 45, 1st Bn 60th Inf (9th Div) 9 Jul 44-11 Jul 44 Major Richard L. Ross, holding the division color with battle streamers, passed it to General Frederick M. Franks, Jr., and with that, the official retirement of the "Third Herd" was complete, and the 3rd Armored Division was removed from the official force structure of the U.S. Army. Photographs, documents, feature articles, and audio. Following the action at Dessau, the division moved into corps reserve at Sangerhausen. According to the book 'Plain Soldiering' by N.D.G James which deals with the armed forces on Salisbury Plain the division's units, while in England from September 1943 until July 1944, mainly in Wiltshire. 1. From then, true to its nickname, the 3rd Armoured engaged in a race towards the Seine, capturing tens of thousands of German troops in the process. During 1944 and 1945, the units comprising the Third Armored Division included: The division was activated on 15 April 1941 at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. After Rose's death, the division pushed east and swept into the key city of Cologne in March 1945. September 13: It became the first to take a German town ( Roetgen ) and first to breach the Siegfried Line. Signal Company:7 Officers, 302 other ranks 1.3. Price: $10.00. 414th Inf (104th Div) 23 Mar 45-12 Apr 45 3d Bn 47th Inf (9th Div) 11 Apr 45-24 Apr 45 September 12: It became the first unit to pass the German border. “Call me Spearhead” is his favorite phrase. Also drove several attendees up, in the 31 months I was in Frankfurt, to the Academy and I always went to Ayers Kaserne to drop them off and pick them up. 1.1. Legion of Merit: 23 Action continued after nightfall, and by 1840 hours, the ground and air elements of the 3rd AD could report over 20 tanks, 14 APCs, several trucks and some artillery pieces destroyed. 60th FA Bn (9th Div) (105 How) 13 Aug 44-15 Aug 44 28 Aug 1943 Lt Col Wesley A. 3rd Armored Division M-60A3 tanks and armored personnel carriers near the Sembach Air Base exit ramp. 3rd Armored Division Association Archives at the University of Illinois. Still listed as active with a strength of 0%. 1st Armored Division – America’s Tank Division, is an active component, U.S. Army, armored division located at Fort Bliss, Texas, consisting of approximately 17,000 highly-trained Soldiers and with a lethal mix of combat capabilities, including tanks, artillery, attack helicopters, Bradley Fighting Vehicles, transport helicopters and robust sustainment capabilities. Division history in World War II, the Cold War, and the Gulf War. 84th FA Bn (9th Div) (105 How) 27 Oct 44-11 Nov 44 Total battle and non-battle casualties came to 16,122. Fifteen troops of the 3rd AD were killed between December 1990 and late February 1991. The first elements of the 3rd Armored in France saw combat on 29 June, with the division as a whole beginning combat operations on 9 July 1944. Find People you served with from 3rd Armored Division. 2d & 3d Bns 60th Inf (9th Div) 17 Aug 44-19 Aug 44 Entire Division 9 Jul 44 [3] Also, the 54th Support Battalion (Main) was reactivated on 16 September 1994 as the 54th Support Battalion (Base) of the 80th Support Group (Area). 3rd Armored Division ( Inactive ) The 2nd Armored Division ("Hell on Wheels") was an armored division of the United States Army. If you have any data on units and those who served we would be interested in adding it to our digital project-library; please Contact Us. According to selected EPW reports, in some divisions, up to half the personnel who had deployed to the KTO deserted. In response to the changing cold war scenario, 3AD was instructed to begin selective standing down of various division elements during the summer of 1990. The division began a thrust into the Rhineland of Germany on 7 February 1945. This phase of the crisis was code-named Operation Desert Shield, which upon combat became Desert Storm. The division turned east, into Kuwait, continuing to inflict heavy casualties and capture troops as it rolled forward, often hitting new units whose defensive berms and foxholes faced south from their northern flank, rendering their defenses ineffective. By 1990, Communism in eastern Europe collapsed, the two German states reunited, and the Soviet Army was being withdrawn back to the Soviet Union. To prepare their defenses against an invasion, the division's units frequently conducted field training at Hohenfels, Bavaria and at Wildflecken and Grafenwöhr U.S. Army training areas, conducting exercises of live fire, movement and communications. On the night of 25 August 1944 the crossing of the Seine by the division started; once over, the 3rd slugged its way across France, reaching Belgium on 2 September 1944. 991st FA Bn (155 Gun) 6 Apr 45-13 May 45 The speedy outfit that led the First Army out of Normandy and across France, closed the Falaise Gap, crashed the Siegfried Line, and took Cologne, claimed a lot of “firsts” for itself. 3rd Armored Division Association (WWII veterans) – a site by Charles R. Corbin Jr., Past President of the Association, with unit histories, photos, and interviews with World War II veterans. 395th CT (99th Div) 28 Feb 45-2 Mar 45 Arrived ETO 15 Sep 43 1st Bn 517th Prcht Inf (Non-Div) 22 Dec 44-26 Dec 44 331st Inf (83d Div) 29 Dec 44-31 Dec 44 William Teicholz of the 3rd AD, and his son, World War II pictures of the division at work & rest, Detailed early-to-mid Cold War History of the division, from usarmygermany.com, "The Tanker" – a site featuring photos of 3rd AD Cold War training exercises in 1978–79, Medical Battalion, 3rd+Armored Site by Leon Baldwin, assigned to 3rd AD 1n 1960s, Davy Crocketts in the Southern Ave of Fulda Gap 1962, Bureau of Land Management site on 3rd AD training area in Mojave Desert, Order of Battle of the United States Army World War II, GlobalSecurity.org 3rd Armored Division site, United States Holocaust Historical Museum site, featuring an overview of the liberation of the Nordhausen concentration camp by the 3rd AD, with videos and photos, Scorpio's Website – The Battle of the Huertgen Forest, Text Version of "Spearhead in the West" from Questia.com (No G2 Battle Reports), https://military.wikia.org/wiki/3rd_Armored_Division_(United_States)?oldid=4220488, Headquarters Company, 3rd Armored Division, 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached 25 June 1944 to 17 December 1944, 2 January 1945 to 9 May 1945), 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached 25 June 1944 to 2 July 1944), 486th AAA Auto-Weapons Battalion (attached 25 June 1944 to 9 May 1945), Major General Leroy R. Watson, August 1942 to August 1944, Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 1st Brigade, 3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment (detached and assigned to XVIII Airborne Corps prior to 3AD deployment), Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB), DIVARTY, 4th Battalion, 82nd Field Artillery Regiment, MG Leroy Hugh Watson (August 1942 – August 1944), BG Truman Everett Boudinot (June 1945 – July 1945), MG Robert W. Grow (July 1945 – November 1945), MG Ray T. Maddocks (July 1947 – April 1948), BG Raymond E. S. Williamson (June 1950 – February 1951), MG Ira Platt Swift (February 1951 – July 1951), BG Arthur R. Walk (July 1951 – October 1951), BG Raymond E.S.

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