Sadly, following a range of terrorist bombings, photography inside some important civic and religious buildings in India is no longer permitted. Victoria Memorial: Probably Kolkata’s best-known monument, and its most beautiful, the Victoria Memorial is a sprawling, spectacular white marble building built in memory of the colonial Queen Victoria’s demise. Inspiration. Aluminium Composite Panels. Victoria Memorial relives the spirit of the Victorian era. About the Victoria Memorial Garden The Garden at the Victoria memorial is a beautifully landscaped one and is well liked by the young and the old people alike. With a height of 200 feet, the structure is huge and is one of the most stunning monuments of Kolkata. The Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, India is a lovely and historically important building. This H Shaped memorial was built in between 1906 and 1921 to commemorate Queen Victoria's 25-year reign in India. The Victoria Memorial is neither. It is situated in one of London’s most popular tourist sites, constantly crowded with tourists and passersby. The Victoria Memorial, one of the top historical places in Kolkata, is the brainchild of Lord Curzon, a Viceroy of India.When Queen Victoria, who was the Empress of British India, died in January 1901, Curzon suggested building a grand memorial … Christ-Follower Dog-Lover I adore my husband, kids and the incomparable Pittsburgh Steelers. Victoria Memorial: History. ! After the Great Revolt of 1857, the British Government in… It is a gravely sinful act not to visit the Victoria Memorial when you are in the City of Joy. I was really excited to visit the Victoria Memorial though, when I did, I found making photos to be challenging. Victoria Memorial at Kolkata – Travel Guide. The Victoria Memorial is a perfect example of British and Mughal architecture. Spread over 64 acres of land, the design of the Memorial is Indo-Saracenic revivalist style. Aludecor Blog. Nonetheless, it has not faced scrutiny to the same extent as the sculptures of Cecil Rhodes, despite being perhaps the most recognisable image of imperialism. From the blog of Joe Millis at Jewish News. All Aluminium Composite Panels Inspiration News and Event. The hall was built with white Makrana marbles from Rajasthan. The Garden has an area of 64 acres and is fully landscaped to perfection that it … The last few mornings I spent in Kolkata, I went running around the Victoria Memorial--it is sooo beautiful! Victoria Thatcher. The sparkling white marble beauty, a symbol of the British Raj in India, is one of the most majestic and elegant monuments not only in Kolkata but in the entire country. Please know that every dollar is appreciated and brings me such joy to know you appreciate my work. But more seriously, the positioning of the memorial is of great concern. Inside, there are sprawling high-ceilinged halls, the central one hosting a permanent exhibition of the city’s colonial past. With the Mishti Doi(Sweet Curd), Rosogolla, and also Bengali the sweetest language of the world this city can be voted as … The Evolution of Architectural Style in Kolkata Since its Origin. Today’s article is about the sweetest city you can be at – Kolkata. Anything can be made beautiful with pink spray paint and a little glitter :) Thanks for the coffee! News. A walk in the garden of Victoria Memorial brings the spring me, while a visit inside the museum is a presentation of long history of India.

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